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Good Lord! I’ve had a tough time writing. In early April, I had a minor surgery (every things fine!) but you’d have thought that they removed my ability write or think about what I was doing with my life. But that’s just what happened. Well, that and a few technical gliches that I just was not prepared for.

I’ve seriously struggled. I’ve never been so unmotivated and this summer I read a few self help books to no avail except that it always winds up that the courage, the willpower begins and ends with YOU!


There’s that quote about the guy in the ring who is daring greatly and the critic who’s sitting on the sideline. Which I love but at close examination and after many life experiences I started thinking someone’s missing.

Where’s the cheerleader? They’ve really gotten a bad rep. Because ultimately everyone needs someone to say “You can do this!” “Go ahead, give it a try.” “I’m here to support you.” Perhaps the guy in the ring does not even get in without a cheerleader.

I was one of those kids whose parents could not come to my games. I remember well the only game my dad ever made it to. I was playing basketball. I think he arrived the last quarter. I was in and I could feel him watching. My heart pounded. I wanted to show him what I could do and how good I was. I was not perfect but it did not matter, I had someone in the stands for me.

Through the years, I’ve watched this be the case for many others too. One of the best places to see this is at the Boston Marathon. People line the streets to cheer. Because cheering is giving and it feels good. Giving support. Sharing your energy. Lifting someone else for no other reason than to see them succeed. And when they do, you feel as though you have somehow shared in that success. That’s how we all feel about Team Hoyt. Watching and cheering year after year. “We’re with you!” is what we are saying.

“Don’t give up!” because I’m here for you. I think what kids need, what friends need, what families need is a cheerleader. Luckily, I’ve had a few cheerleaders in my corner this year telling me not to give up, keep at it and they kept showing up. (thank you!)

It is the joy that I get from cheering people on that is why I do this. It’s the cheerleader in me that loves to see my friends and community succeed. (For all those in my classes, this is where all those jumps come from!) So, I’m back up and running. If you have any suggestions, topics or questions let me know below. I’m looking forward to getting back in the game!

How about you? Have you been cheered on or did you cheer someone else on and how did it make you feel?