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FITT Principles

Change up any of the following to BOOST your workout this week! F = Frequency: How often are you getting in your workout? For those of you working out 2-3 days a week, try an extra day of cardio or resistance training. For the more advanced, your workouts may become more specific but don’t forget […]

Going BANANA’s!

We’re going BANANA’s to help our local Wellesley Food Pantry provide a healthy option to families in need. Here is how you can help! Register your group here to participate.  (in your email,  let us know a total amount of participants/bunch of bananas) This allows us to know about how many to count on. Your […]


[Kachow: what the car, Lightening McQueen, the character from the movie Cars, says, while he thrust his would-be-hips right and left as photographers snap photos.] Got your workout in today? If yes, then let the feel-good endorphins flow and use this Kachow! Post-workout as a “get-down-I-did-it” cool-down. If you have not had your workout today […]