Elaine has been an enthusiastic force in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years.  IMG_5619

As a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, Elaine is well known for her creativity in programing and popularity in class instruction and training. She began her journey working with the Marine Corps MCCS, teaching PFT’s (physical fitness training) for military units, fitness classes and health promotion programs.

While living on Guam, Elaine continued to pursue health and fitness endeavors by training units on base, teaching at the University of Guam and creating the first successful dependent exercise program for ComNavMar Naval Base which continues today.

Once back in her homeland of North Carolina, Elaine was a trainer for Northeast Medical Center’s Health and Fitness Institute and began working in corporate wellness programs with Health and Sport Works management group developing fitness programs for the likes of Wachovia, Northeast Medical Center, Prebyterian Health and Fitness, Carmel Country Club, etc.  She has been featured in News 14 Carolina’s Turn Back the Clock for functional fitness and WBTV for Exercise during Pregnancy. From fun runs, to Race for the Cure events, to kids super hero programs, Elaine has been getting people up, moving and having fun down the East Coast.

Since taking the big leap to Boston, Elaine has been busy growing her family, teaching fitness classes and helping her husband build up a small orthopedic product company. In her down time, she has hatched the idea for My Neighborhood Health, hoping to bring neighbors and friends together around health and fitness.

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