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MNH in Winston-Salem, NC

My Neighborhood Health has been popping up in neighborhoods on the East Coast. Super excited to share about this very special group which happens to include my mom. I’m so proud of her.

This past year she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. It’s been quite a journey and something that she has kept quite private. We had several conversations on the phone about her health and wellness. During her treatment phase, she worked on nutrition and slowly getting back into more movement. At Christmas, I gave her a fitbit and she took off!

She began rallying her friends and neighbors in her community. She started texting me her steps. Somedays, she was even beating me! She would talk of how much better she was feeling and then she started loosing weight which only motivated her more. Her sweet neighbors are too cute for words. They rallied behind her and she rallied them. That’s what it’s all about. Connecting, having fun and inspiring one another to reach their goals. They even joined Weight Watchers together too. Together, they’ve lost 49.3 pounds. Yes, point 3. Every bit matters! They’ve been sharing recipes, walking together and having a good time. They seem to be laughing a lot and that’s good for the heart too.

That’s not all! They’ve got goals.  Early this month, they just finished their first 5k!  So proud. Keep up the great work!

** After finishing their first 5k. Way to move it! **

At the time of this post, my mom encouraged 2 more friends (her physical therapist) to get moving. She let me know that Winston-Salem is shrinking. I’m happy they are spreading the benefits of good health. I think it’s contagious. Nice job, Winston-Salem!