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Care Right Here – Tufts Medical Center

I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving! One thing I’m certainly thankful for is the incredible access to good doctors and healthcare in our area. Earlier this year, Tufts Medical Center partnered with Drs. Burt Hall and Cynthia Maguire to create Tufts Medical Center Primary Care – Wellesley.

Dr. Burt Hall has been practicing in Wellesley for many years. I had the pleasure to sit down with Dr. Hall and the staff to talk about what makes this practice special.

Dr. Hall explained that his practice is patient-based: care when and where it is needed and and care to the community.  As I listened and toured the facility it was apparent. They wanted to talk about how we could help patients more. One staff member reminded me to make sure to tell everyone to get their flu shot. So, get your flu shot!

In order to make accessing specialists more convenient, Tufts decided this summer to bring specialist here to our community. They now offer Cardiology, Urogynecology and Rheumatology services.

Dr. Hall expressed the importance and the benefits of this new venture for patients. It makes accessing advanced care more convenient with greater coordination and record sharing. There are plans to increase specialists within the practice too. They are looking to add Endocrinology and even a Pain Clinic.

Interesting fact: Did you know that Tufts Medical Center, in recent years, has performed more heart transplants than any other hospital in New England? They broke the New England record this year with their 38th heart transplant.

Another important feature and what makes this community practice unique is the access to a full 30 minute appointment with a nurse practitioner. Diane Joyce-Otis, NP, MPH and Cheryl Soderlund, AGPCNP, CDE are the nurse practitioners within the office here. They work hand in hand with patients to develop a complete and comprehensive care plan. They spend a tremendous amount of time with patients teaching them about hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes education, prevention, etc. They are a great resource for patients often helping to explain, sort out and find solutions to their needs. This benefit helps to bring patient care full circle.

The office is currently working towards their PCMH recognition. This PCMH (Patient Centered Medical Home) recognition is a model of care specifically for practices with an emphasis on care coordination and communication. This recognitions program demonstrates that the practice values quality health care delivery and the latest clinical protocols to ensure that patients receive the best care at the right time. Sounds good to me and good for our community.

Many thanks to the friendly staff and physicians of Tuft Medical Center Primary Care Wellesley for sharing their time and expertise. I’m excited to continue to learn more about all they are doing and bringing to our community. Happy to have them in the neighborhood.